[Hiring Developers] Record Breaking Game's

Record Breaking Game’s

About Us

Hello There! We Our A Expandment Of Record Breaking Studio, After The Founder @cornholio11111 Thought To Use Record Breaking Studio’s For More Realistic Game’s
And Use Record Breaking Game’s For Simulators, Tycoons, And Any Other Lowpoly Game.

The Team
@cornholio11111 - Founder/Scripter
@6QL4 - Modeler
@ThisCouldYou - Scripter
@ThisCouldYou - Scripter
@ThisCouldYou - UI Designer
@ThisCouldYou - Builder
@ThisCouldYou - Animator
@ThisCouldYou - GFX Artist

About The Job

We Are Looking For Developers To Help With A Slime Ranchers Remake Named “Slime Farms”.


Scripters Make 15%
Builders Make 10%
Modeler Make 10%
UI Designer Make 15%
Animator Make 15%
GFX Artist Make 10%
Founder Make 5%
Ad’s Make 5%


Discord: cornholio11111 | Scripter#6948


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