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Hello. Today I am working on a word guessing game. So the builder should make the map like a cinema, and there should be a big billboard thing. The Scripter should make it so the person has 30 seconds to guess, then a random person gets teleported to the stage and the person’s view should show the billboard. After the person gets teleported to the stage, there should show up a keyboard and a question to answer, and squares for question. If the person gets the right word, they get a currency called Coins. 1 win = 5 Coins. UI Designer should design the keyboard GUI.

@darksideday and @Nterbeast Builder
@username Scripter
@username GFX Designer
@username UI Designer

Payment: Payment will be in game revenue.

More info: If you want more info, add me in Discord kalnas456#7201.


Hey! How large would the cinema map be? Do have some sort of backup payment in case the game fails?

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I would say the cinema should be half of the baseplate, and if the game fails, I still will give monthly payments.


I would be more specific in regards to payment, as well as potentially providing screenshot examples of what kind of stuff you’re looking for.

Also - I recommend checking this out, people tend to post using this template as it’s laid out already in a nice and neat manner.

Good luck! :smiley:

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I would say 100 robux/month. If the game would be successful, then I would say 250 or 500 robux/month.


Also, for an easier understanding, there should be a currency called Coins. If a person guesses the word, they get 5 coins and get teleported back, and another person gets teleported to the stage. People have 30 seconds to guess the word.

One side I really like to help scripting but other side I’m probably too expensive since I’m used to earn alot more. I would like to even help for free but I need to set my availability in higher priority for other work.

interested on doing the cinema map, but are you able to pay in any other methods? like usd via paypal? groupfunds?

I can’t pay using PayPal, but I can pay buying any of your gamepasses.

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