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About Us

Hi, their! My name is Blaster and I am 15 years old. I am the owner of a small development studio called Alpha Team Studios. We are currently working on a huge game project called NPC Battle! We currently need advanced programmers, builders/modellers, and UI designers. Fyi: We only hire long term developers.

The Team
@DesDnAz - Programmar
@BlasterBombG - Programmer
@You - Advanced Builder/Modeler
@You - Advanced Builder/Modeler
@You - UI designer
@spy_fauzen - UI designer/Icon and Thumbnail artist

About The Job

We are looking for an amazing builder who can craft or design a map with skill and make it very detailed. We also need a Modeler to craft our weapons (knives/swords). The programmers will make scripts that help the game function properly, add effects to the gameplay to interest the player and make other crucial things. The UI designer will make UIs that are well designed. I could do it myself but they would look bad and not attract any players.

We only hire and pay developers who are consistently working on the game and actually care for what they are doing. We strictly prohibit any of our developers from using free models. We also want our developers to be excellent at what they are doing! We only reward good work or excellent work that is done by our developers.


Our investor is currently going to invest around 5k - 10k. This allows us to pay each of our devs an amount which is from 100 Robux - 10k Robux + group funds. We will discuss or go further in the details in discord.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Contact Us

Discord: BaconScripterMan#7309`

Thanks for reading!

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