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About Us

Hi there! We are a small community, looking for growth. We are starting off a bit rusty, but we’re getting there.

The Team
@TheCasuals - Development Supervisor, UI Design
@Vacant - Builder
@Vacant - Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a builder to join our dev team. You’ll need good communication skills and teamwork so we can collaborate with ease.

Our game will be based on America’s capital, Washington D.C., we’ll need lots of hands on deck.


If you do require payment, then we can discuss it on our communications server (PSCazA3) but we do prefer developers that do not requirement payment.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Forum, and on our Comms. server (PSCazA3)

Thanks for reading! :smile:


What do you mean by that, do you prefer developers who take a percentage, or who directly work for free making a whole capital?

Do you pay with PayPal? By the way, it is better that you talk about the particular price.

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I think he means that he prefers developers who work for free.

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That’s what I meant, but working for free to make a whole capital want is a lot for someone to work for free, especially for the builder, I would say that there I would have to offer some kind of direct payment, but that’s just my opinion

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Yes it would be preferred, but I’m open to either one.

I can help make the houses/buildings in the capital and maybe more stuff, but maybe having 2 builders is the best. I joined the server, I’m eeee#0104.

Alright, I’ll send you a friend request on Dissy & Roblox. :slight_smile:

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