Hiring Emoji Artist | 500R$ per emoji (x 50) = 25,000R$

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Partnered Discord server:


I’m looking for a skilled user to make me Emojis for the Hidden Developers Discord server. I’m looking for really good quality, well-made Emojis like the official Discord Emojis :sunglasses: but with our own style. I’m willing to draw up the designs and show you what I’m after but you need to make the graphic.

If you’re interested in this offer I want you to DM me a portfolio of all your work you’ve done for Emoji/emote styled graphics and a reason why I should pick you over someone else for this job.


500R$ each emote. (If we decide to do all 50 emotes that will total to 25,000R$ group pay-out).

Due date:

As soon as possible, probably will take between 2-3 weeks to get them all finished, extended time is a possibility.

Contact info:


Someone I know owns a website dedicated completely to Discord Emojis. You might be able to find some artists through there, although I am not entirely sure they will accept payment through Robux. If you’d like the website, feel free to PM me, as the website does have some inappropriate content.

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