[HIRING] Escaped Prisoners Game Recruitment

Escaped Prisoners Game Recruitment

About Me

Hi there! I am Domderp999, a Professional builder, and is ready to put all my work into a Prison Game, to make it front page!

You can see our progress so far here(There are a lot of building imperfections and glitches, however those will be fixed in the final version!): [READ DESC] - Roblox

About The Job

I am looking for sombody, who is good socialy, as we will be working together a lot. And, I would like somebody who will mainly care about our friendship, and not the Robux they will gain from the game. Not only a friendly person, we are looking for a friendly scripter. A scripter who can script many interesting things such as the following:

  • Vehicle Despawn System
  • Vehicle Flip System
  • Professional Robberies
  • A Professional Gun System

There will be a LOT more to script that just that. If you would like to see a few pictures of the games current state, here are a few pictures:


Jewelry Store:


(Bank is Incomplete)


Dessert Biome

Snow Biome

Criminal Base

Our game will need alot of attention. Maybe about 1 hour per day is expected.


We aren’t doing the normal payment method. If the game gets to the front page, you get 50% of the ROBUX that we make. The other 50% Goes to me. So, if the game gets front page, and we earn a LOT of robux, half of the pay will go to you.

Contact Us

You can contact me, by replying that you want the job, what you can do to make the game better, and then I will privately message you on the Dev Fourms my Discord, and we will start soon…!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Hello there, I’m interested. I’m a builder.
From what I’ve seen in the game, the criminal game doesn’t look that good. (no offense)
I will improve a lot of things and also add more details to the surroundings. I can make different houses, robberies, and I also have a lot of ideas with me. Add me on discord and we can talk more about this! :smiley:
Discord: Rikk#8485

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Hey, I’m interested in helping script and help with whatever else needs to be done. I look forward to talking more in-detail with you on discord.
Discord: MindTheCamera#8076


Hiya, I like your terrain and the build is nice.


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I am sending you a request on discord! DCampy

I’m personally not interested in this job, but on Payment, what if the game doesn’t get to the front page and doesn’t gain any popularity and attention. You should state what would happen in-case.

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