Hiring Experienced 3D Modeller | Long Term (GBP/USD)

:memo: ABOUT:

Squidstar Arcade is a newly formed development studio working on its first title, named Bombshell.
We already have a small team of respected developers, and we are looking to fill our final position, which is for a 3D Modeller.

We have already started some building work on Bombshell. Images can be found below:

Our Lobby

:family_man_boy: THE TEAM:

@Squidzyee - Studio Founder, Builder, Project Leader
@Cinema_Sin - Programmer, Project Co-Ordinator
@Astranamic - 2D Artist
@AshTheDesigner - UI Designer
@You - 3D Modeller, Content Artist

We all have previous experiences with development and working with large names in the community. We’re also a very relaxed team, but expect work to be completed often.

:hammer_and_wrench: YOUR TASK:

As the main 3D Modeller on the project, you will be expected to create various assets for the project. Our game revolves around combat with large scaled explosives, so your main task is to model and colour all of the explosives that will be unlocked by players. You may also be expected to create some assets for maps to make them look more appealing too.

We expect there will be around 20-30 bomb assets that will need to be completed. We also expect that each model will take around 15-45 minutes depending on the complexity of each model.

:money_with_wings: PAYMENT:

As we’re looking for a member to join our team for the whole duration of our project, we are looking to offer around 10 - 15% of all our game revenue until you decide to leave the team.

However, as we know with any project, it may not do as well as intended and so we will be offering either GBP or USD via PayPal whilst you are with the team creating assets. We will offer you 2 USD or GBP per asset that you create as a security fee in case the project doesn’t succeed. The payment is small as we would expect you to stay on the team and potentially earn more through % which you can cash out with the Developer Exchange.

The USD or GBP payment will be offered to you in instalments for every five models that you make.

:iphone: GET IN TOUCH:

If you’re interested in the project, please message @Squidzyee on the DevForum with your portfolio, an overview of your past experiences, and reasons why you want to join the team. You can also leave your portfolio below if you’re interested.

If I’m interested in your work, I’ll add you on Discord for further negotiation.

You should also be at least 14 years of age to apply, and also being situated within a European timezone will maximise your chances as the team is UK based.


I am glad to say we have finally found our candidate for this position, it is now closed and we aren’t accepting anyone else as of right now.

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