Hiring Experienced Builder [10k-15k R$]

About Us

Hi! We are an airline on Roblox usually hosting around 40-90 (depending on the day) guests a flight, and we roleplay after the real Aer Lingus. However we do not whatsoever relate to the real Aer Lingus in any ways.

The Team
Unknown - Builder
@spadacle - Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a builder to re-create Shannon Airport. A real airport in Southern Ireland. Not only exterior but interior is included as well.

Pictures Of Shannon:

If we were to hire you we are open with any time range, but their is a max of 3 months.


We will be paying 10k-15k R$ In robux, after looking at the final product we will discuss within that range.

Contact Us

My Discord: JaredValdez4#0477

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


1 month is not alot of time for a build this large, assuming you’d want interiors too.

Is there a reason your time parameters are so strict?


Yes, Zabazz we’d wish for interiors to. And I should of added more information into the thread which I just have, and I do apologize.

I build myself and lemme tell you that 1 month is way too short for a project of this scale, I recommend at least 3 months to do interior and exterior

For such a big building, the payment should be more!
I just finished up a smaller build and I was offered 10k for it alone, this deserve a bigger payment imo.

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Would be interested, I built an airport for London Stansted around an year ago, so I got experience in building airports. Only problem is the payment isn’t great, it is a large amount of money but for a good job it would require huge amount of time.

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For an airport of this size and complexity, the pay is far too little.
Developers here usually work here to DevEx. A project of this size would take in around a month or more.

If you are hiring an experienced developer from the developer forum, I’d suggest your starting price for a building this large would be around 70k-90k, even that would be a little cheap.

If a project like this takes around 60 hours of work and you’re paying 10k ROBUX = 167 ROBUX/hr.


I am interested, also. I am very good at building from a picture.

I will contact you on Discord - as stated above, the payment needs to be more for such a huge job in such a short time.

I want a raise of $60,000 robux if you want it in detail. Otherwise, I’ll make it the blandest thing you’ve ever seen and demand compensation of 15k.


Payment is drastically low for a build of this size, and time frame to do it is absurd as well. I’d request at least 60-70k robux for a build likes this, and a much broader time span to do it in.


Sent you a friend request on discord, I have a couple of questions I want to ask you!

I think the timeframe is perfectly fine, but the price is too low.


I’m interested, but if I’m going to build everything except the decorations, it will take 4 months or more.

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