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Greetings, I’m the Head Designer of Buildo, Luitenantcolonol. Buildo is a sub-branch of a large development group known as “The Tankograds”. The Tankograds company has been developing boats, planes, tanks, city buildings, and of course, tanks for over two years now. The Tankograds have earned a reputation for completing their client commissions on time and efficiently. With over 100 members, the Tankograds team is an ever-growing hub where developers can go to portray their skills and where clients can be satisfied with their requested commission. Buildo is the newest addition to the Tankograds team, and we strive to become the best. As per the name, we’re the building branch of the Tankograds as I’m sure you’ve already figured out. Our builds are primarily realistic and not Low-poly of any sort. Admissions are not easy, the Buildo staff and I are going to evaluate your builds accordingly.

About The Job

The Admissions process will go as follows: First, you will DM me who you are, your username, and time zone. Secondly, you will be required to send us photos or a portfolio of your past work, whether it be in blender or studio. Once your builds have been evaluated, and whether you get accepted or not, you will enter your internship phase of Buildo. You will become a Junior Designer in Buildo. As a Junior Designer, you will be asked to create a build of my choice. You will be given a 1-2 week period of time to complete this build (time extensions can be given). If you pass, you will graduate to Designer, and the best will become my Assistant Designer.


Payment consists of client commissions and a monthly bonus. This bonus will be determined by your activity and client reviews. You receive a direct commission of 50% for each build (percentages are negotiable). Clients are given to builders based on seniority, skill, and activity. Build precisely and efficiently, make sure to please the client, and I assure you, your time at Buildo will be time well spent.

Contact Us

You can contact me via Dizzy @

Good luck. :+1:

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