Hiring Full Stack Programmer for Frontlines!

About Us

Hey guys! We’re Maximillian Studios and we were the guys behind Operation Scorpion. There are already over 30 people (all with their unique set of talents) working on our new fast-paced shooter game, Frontlines.

You can know more about Operation Scorpion here: The Best Graphics on Roblox (Operation Scorpion) - YouTube

You can see our progress so far at our discord: MAXIMILLIAN

The gameplay framework of Frontlines is already near completion, so feel free to DM us if you want to test the game out.

About The Job

We are currently looking for a programmer to code the mainframe for us (both front and backend). Here is our current to-do list, with specific details describing each task: Mainframe Blueprint - Google Docs

You will be working closely with our coding lead, as he will be able to walk you through the code architecture and structure/styling guide.

We hope to be releasing soon and are currently in crunch mode. This means that we are looking for someone that has the time to commit and put in a lot of time through this project.


You will be getting 15% of the total revenue from Frontlines. We can also do other payment methods like $/task done if you don’t do percentages. Everything is negotiable.

Contact Us

Contact us here by replying down below, or join the discord and DM cbmaximillian#0030.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi! I have a few questions,

  • How many programmers do you currently have on the project?
  • What does the expected daily/weekly workload look like?
  • From the to-do list provided, how much work is expected of the hired programmer?
  1. We have 1 lead programmer, you’ll be working with him if you join. We do have a technical screening process though. It lets us make sure that the new programmer joining is able to do the job well.

  2. The work time depends on how good of a programmer you are. If you’re able to write good code within a short amount of time then it won’t be much. If you struggle, then it’ll take longer. We look more towards results than how many hours you sink into it.

We do implement SCRUM, so the workload is partitioned and every week has a specific goal in mind.

  1. How much work can you get done by January?
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