[HIRING] Full-Time Lead Scripter! (275+ USD and Revenue)

Hello all,

I am looking for a professional programmer to complete and maintain a new project of mine called “ARENA 6”, based off of the popular Hunger Games genre. There is currently great progress on the game, as much of the building and planning is complete. Aspects of scripting and UI are also already complete.


I am looking to recreate a hunger-games based experience that will knock the socks off of the ROBLOX community. I feel as if it is an idea done very poorly on ROBLOX, or rather in the gaming industry in general. In order to create the best possible experience that is both nostalgic and new for the community, I will need a team that matches my level of ambition for general development as a passion as opposed to commissioning. Ideally the game will be updated consistently with new mechanics and content with new ways to engage our players.

The Hunger Games concept, mixed with the unique twists I have in mind, is an idea that I believe will undoubtedly engage players of all ages and interests. I encourage you to ask me privately about specific mechanics if you are interested.

As the game evolves and progressively becomes more popular, I plan to increase the size of our team and accommodate for a great social infrastructure surrounding it.

I am looking to complete the project around the beginning of June.


Essentially I am looking for someone who is capable of putting together an entire game themselves (in terms of scripting of course). Specifically, you should be experienced with the following concepts:

  • Lobby Systems and Rank-based matchmaking
  • Melee and Ranged combat systems
  • Cross-Place datastores
  • Basic environmental scripts
  • General server security

It is also preferable that you have a familiarity with the following:

  • Implementing scripts to UI
  • Advanced anti-exploit systems
  • Working with or adapting to the previous work of other scripters

It should be understood that I am looking for a partner rather than a commissioner . You are expected to genuinely have a passion for the game and continue to update and fix it as necessary.


As the title suggests, you will be paid 275 USD for completion of the game. This is negotiable to an extent, you will be paid in milestones for completed assignments.

As the game grows and maintenance and updates are required, you will be paid with a flexible 40% game revenue around a certain time interval.


  • You must be able to speak fluent English for communication purposes, although English does not have to be your first language.
  • You must be 14 or older to apply (unless you are a younger age and can adequately convince me of your maturity)
  • Although I am flexible with scheduling and time, you will be expected to work around 6-15 hours per week (this will likely change as necessary).



You can contact me on discord if you have additional questions, or you can also message me on the forums for a typically much slower reply.

Discord: DreadNautical#7764

Thank you for considering this opportunity! All feedback and questions are appreciated. :smile:

Would like to also update that the amount stated in the title is also available in the Robux equivalent if preferred.

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