Hiring Full-Time Lowpoly World Builder [Closed]

About Us

We’re an established studio (founded in 2010) that primarily works with brand partnerships with a history working with brands and studios like Fox, Dreamworks, Paramount, Sony, Amazon Game Studios, Dr. Seuss and dozens of others across other platforms beyond Roblox (we’ve done work on iOS, Android, PlayStation, Steam, WebGL and more.) We’re continuing to expand on projects we’re doing in Roblox with brands and we are growing our Roblox team as a result. We also have upcoming Roblox games of our own.

I am also a Roblox Star Creator, but that is completely separate from my game studio.

About The Job

We’re looking for an experienced builder to join our team as a full-time builder. Style is low-poly with minimalistic texturing. No realistic building or terrain work, 100% models or parts. Must have the ability to create own 3D meshes when required for your builds. Prop art and other art elements can be provided during builds by my art team to speed up build times as needed.

We need the builder to be 100% dedicated to our Roblox games. Hours are flexible, we just need to hit milestone deadlines and the quality expected. Contract would be for 1-year to start.


Starting at $3K USD per month via PayPal, Venmo, Wire Transfer, Zelle, ACH or Direct Deposit. We can’t do Robux transfers, sorry :frowning:

How to Apply

If you’re interested, best way to reach me is via Twitter (@darkviper) or via private message here. Please provide links to your portfolio, your timezone and schedule availability. Thanks for looking!


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