Hiring full time scripter

The Dreaded Seas is looking for an experienced scripter willing to serve as a full time lead scripter for our project. Because most of the scripting assets we have completed are simpler aspects of the games mechanics, we are looking for someone skilled that can efficiently piece together our more complicated assets. Specifically, we need someone who is preferably skilled in the following:

  • Cross - Place Datastores
  • Game Economy Systems
  • Ship Physics
  • NPC Manipulation
  • Advanced UI Manipulation Skills


The Dreaded Seas is a unique pirate - themed RPG, in which players explore and develop themselves on a quest to fame and fortune. In regards to the game’s mechanics, it can briefly be summed up as a lore-based adventure that goes alongside a variety of multiplayer aspects. (If you are interested in hearing a more detailed explanation, I would be happy to provide one in a private discussion, as the lengthy description of mechanics is unnecessary in this recruitment post). We are looking for developers genuinely interested in creating a quality game that will stand out amongst the mundane, repetitive genres that clog the front pages these days.

The team currently consists of myself as the Head of Development, Builder and Animator, two scripters, a composer, several GFX artists, and a community of supporters.

The game is complete in terms of building and story design, and I hope that as a member you will find that the amount of time I have put in to development highlights the motivation I have to create something truly amazing.


We expect that as the lead scripter you are capable of working with others, building off of or reorganizing pre-existing work, and have talents in the categories listed at the beginning of this advertisement.

We expect that you will be around to work as frequently as possible- preferably making some progress for at least 3-4 days a week.

We expect that as the lead scripter you will be primarily looked upon to make any necessary updates and bug fixes that come after the game is released and improved.

We expect that you are a fluent English speaker (although English does not have to be your first language).

You must be 14 or older to apply.


In TDS development, payment is organized in a rather unique way that I believe fairly compensates all of our members for their time. Those with secondary roles (GFX artists, composers) are paid upfront for their work. In the case of primary developers however, payment is granted as a percentage of the game’s revenue- this percentage varies depending on the amount of assignments the scripter has completed, and the complexity of those assignments. The status of all assignments are accurately recorded and kept for reference on these percentages.

As the lead scripter, this system will still apply to you. However, you will also receive an upfront payment for each complicated system that you create (assignments are classified as ‘complicated’ based on their approximated difficulty, and appropriately labeled as such in our organizational records).


I strongly prefer that all inquires are directed to my discord, which will likely result in the quickest response:


Thank you for considering, I strongly encourage anyone with questions to comment below. :slight_smile:


the payment is kinda vague :thinking:

Correct me if I’m wrong however I’ve interpreted your vague payment clause as the following:

primary developers are paid based on % only without up front payments given however the % assigned can decrease or increase varying on the complexity or simplicity of the tasks completed.


I believe that it’s that you receive upfront payment for each complicated along with the fixed percentage.


As my post mentions, Primary developers are payed on the percentage system exactly as you interpreted it. They are also granted a small upfront payment for assignments which are classified as difficult, in order to provide some compensation for your time. Regarding the percentage though, the value increases based upon how many assignments are completed, as well as the difficulty of such assignments. The percentages will not officially be calculated until the game is released and revenue comes in, which is why I mentioned that the status of assignments is carefully recorded.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions, thanks for your comment.


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