[HIRING] Game sponsors

About Us

Salutions, I’m Juicoius and I am a contractor at Octopuso’s seafood restaurant, in progress of development.

After you have sponsored us with payment number one and you ask us for development progress, we will send you a direct link to view.

About The Job

Octopuso’s seafood restaurant is hiring one to three sponsors that will sponsor the group for development, graphic payments towards development, they will receive the following perks after sponsor payment number one…

– Free game premium features; overhead rank, room to yourself, special honour

– Special and custom ranks on the communications; a honor member rank, a custom rank of your own and a light purple ‘Sponsoring member’ rank over all the high ranks.

– You’re own chat room and voice channels with your choice of poster in game in your personal room.

– Jetski, boat and swim with the fish Gamepass features, on your Jetski you get to customise it!

– 15% of all group funds.

Our game needs at least 2-15k by the end of June and the beginning of July, you may do this in one or five payments.


Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/_featuredembed

You must, must, must have the robux when messaging me on DevForum, TSHIRT payment is preferred but group funds is possible.

So the expectation is that someone pays the group funds without seeing what they’re actually paying for? The least that can be expected for a sponsor is having an idea of what they’re actually funding, and that it exists to begin with.


In-game benefits are worthless. You’ll need to give out a percentage.


True, we’ll make it if they message me and would have a chance of sponsoring us, I’ll provide screenshots.

Like what? 10-20% And I can’t guarantee success.

To be honest, if someone is sponsoring your game, I don’t think anyone would like free game premium features. Instead, they would like to earn their robux back and a little bit more to make profit.

Added 15% revenue, hope this fixes some things.

I’m sure many people stated this out, but I’ll respond with more transparency.

In-game cosmetics are worthless to investors. There is literally no benefit out of them—essentially saying you are receiving 2-15k and the investor is gaining nothing. That isn’t your problem, but you won’t find investors in that case.

I’m sure your game does not because games can survive without sponsorships. Also, with these harsh conditions, who would invest?

2-15 is a very vague and diverse interval, therefor I cannot calculate a payment divided by five. However, I can make minimal calculations; so with this vague interval take what I say into consideration to some extent.

Simple calculations (READ)

2K divided into five payments

2000/5 = R$400

Essentially saying that for paying R$400 someone can snag 15% of all group funds with this rule:

However it’s not like this would matter with this rule:

Honestly, this is why I’m against percentage pay for anything. I’d rather pay $12.25USD/hour aka R$3500/hour (of course with supervision) than percentage. With percentage, of the desired game flip-flops, it’ll be hard to make another game with that damaged reputation.

I think this point needs to go around the DevForum: if a studio can’t offer proper pay, it is not prepared.

It’s totally understandable that it isn’t easy to comprehend everything a studio needs, so I recommend not to make it at all.


If there’s a problem (and a big problem), rework the whole system. If you don’t have the proper understanding of how things like these work, contact me - I love to help. :smile:

Is your game made at least? Then you may actually get potential investments…

Why not just provide screenshots on this thread itself? The point of a recruitment thread is to reel people in. It’s a waste of people’s time to ask them to message you first before giving images. As it is, given the unbefitting benefits from sponsoring the game and nothing to see, there’s a high chance that you aren’t going to receive messages in the first place.


I kinda feel like you shouldnt even go the DevForum and ask for money if you dont even have a restaurant ready for public eyes imo.

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Our restaurant is 50% built, we need fish, systems, animations etc.

Show us pics of what’s done so far. We just want to ensure there actually is a restuarant, so nobody gets scammed. Good luck with your group, and I hope you find your investor!

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