[HIRING] Gargantua Studio is looking for developers!

Gargantua Studio and Eternal Island

Eternal Island is a new social game, spending time with alone, with friends or strangers, no matter what you like, the variation is a lot and the fun is totally guaranteed, a new game that will bring new things to Roblox
When the team is defined, the details of the project will be revealed, the only thing we can say is that it will be something different in all of Roblox, where Robux will also be able to be won
Stay tuned

It's a long but important thing

About Garganta Studio and me. Although I will try to summarize it will still be long, but I think it is necessary if you want to apply to work. I am new to the community (hello everyone), therefore the team is also, we are 7 people at the moment (4 active members and 3 who help externally). I am of legal age, I am a very sincere person, so here I am going to explain several things to keep in mind with respect to jobs.
I was introduced to Roblox at the end of last year by my son. When I tried Roblox Studio and saw how big the Roblox community was, within a few minutes I had a great idea (which brought me here), for months I was writing and planning this project, a few months ago the development of it began (and we are very close to launching the beta), this is what I make this post for.
The idea of the project takes a lot from my childhood and adolescence (many, really, many games), games in which I had a lot of fun (old Habbo Hotel, old Club Penguin, old BoomBang!, etc.). I started to remember and write what made me have so much fun at that age in those games, when I understood what it was about, this idea came to my head and I want to make it a reality in this community. Thanks to that I can say that Eternal Island is going to be a different game, it will be mostly fun and entertaining, and I don’t want those words to be taken as “everyone says the same thing”, when the details of the project are given, they will understand.
Few people know what the project is about, thanks to this I met people who help both inside and outside the team, people who want to participate and help, I can not say who but there are also great Youtubers (+1M subscribers) who also believe that this project will be something big.
When the team is defined, all the details about Eternal Island will be given, stay tuned

You can see a bit of the project here

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What we’re looking for!

We are looking for people above all mature, it is a project that started seriously and it is intended to continue on that path. In addition to having experience in your area, you have to show work done, please if you are new or learning, do not apply.
-Aesthetic design: Modify the colors of the game
-UI Creator: Creating the UI parts for the game
-Animator: Creating the animations for the game
-Scripter: Create (or modify) the scripts for the game

Warning: For the Scripter position you will be asked some questions to verify that you are an experienced programmer, this to avoid children who lie about their abilities in order to know about the project

List of some scripts we already have (the scripter has to have this ability)

-Currency System
-Inventory (DataStore)
-Daily tasks
-Scheduled events
-Construction of houses (in process)
-Cut wood, chop stone and fishing
-Teleporting Between Places (TeleportService)


We are paying in R$ or USD (PayPal). If you are interested in a position when contacting, send what you intend to charge for your work.
Warning: until we launch the beta we cannot make the payment (the objective is to launch it before the end of the year). So it would be the ONLY late payment, the rest will be made weekly.


As I said at the beginning there are great people who support externally, youtubers and advertising will ensure a large number of users, the beta will be Early Access at first (like any store). This will leave a profit to pay the entire team and continue to finance the project.
You ask yourself, what if in the worst case the game does not prosper?
In that case (which I don’t think is possible), even with “few” users brought in by large advertisements, it leaves enough profit to pay them all. Otherwise, except for Scripter, the work done in Robux will be paid. The scripter will be paid Robux and a compensation of 200usd.

Final message

In these months I spoke with many people, I met young people of all kinds, from boys who until today are always supporting and giving good energy, to young people who threatened that they would report me to the staff because according to them “I want to scam children” I understand that there is mistrust but it is as simple as not insulting. Just report (or notify) the staff, they who are mature and capable people can follow up to see if there is scam in this or not, so they are not interested in the position I would appreciate it if you do not insult, but if you have doubts I can answer what to be.
On the other hand, this is my first post, a few hours ago I was finally given the Member trust level. I take this opportunity to greet the entire community, I plan to be here for a long time, there are several great projects in mind after finishing Eternal Island (which will be in several months since there will be updates every 1-2 weeks, there are many things to do one the beta is released).

Contact Us

You must be 16 years or older to apply.
-Twitter: Gargantua Studio
-Discord: AxelGMunoz#1917

Thank you,
Owner of Gargantua Studio, AxelGMunoz


This right here seems like a perfect project for me, sadly i’m not looking to join anyone at the moment. :frowning:
Can’t wait to play it though

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I see, what a pity. I thank you anyway, I wish you success in your projects.
I also want to play it, I hope it’s soon

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Are you maybe looking for extra terrain builders?

Hello, thanks for applying but I am not looking for Builder, successes in your projects!

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Seems like a fun project, would apply but not at all experienced in furniture systems or shops for that matter.

Good luck to your project!


I see, someone else entered as a scripter for the other scripts, now I need an expert one, I will also take into account if another scripter is needed, thanks for applying.

Thank you very much for the good vibes, successes for you

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