[Hiring] GFX - Buff/Debuff Icons

Hello, I’m looking for a graphic artist who specializes in Vector or high-quality icons that I can use for my buff/debuff system.

Some icons, for example, would be icons indicating the player is Burning/Bleeding/Poisoned/Drowning, etc…

The icons would be for this game:

I’m willing to pay 400R per icon.
Message me here on the dev forums if interested.


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HandIcon like this?


i very much recommend @TedArthur, his vector art is incredible

Yes everyone knows about him haha. He is very very good at gfx. I just believe this is a bit more simple than something he would be interested in, especially for just 200R an icon.

Since I haven’t been receiving too many offers, I upped the price to 400 per icon.

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