Hiring GFX designer and scripter (Only need scripter now!)

About Us

Hi there, I am Ulxqra, owner of Titanium Creations. I am working on a new game and would like a scripter and gfx designer.

The Team
Currently, there are no devs but we have some wonderful BOD running it:
@ixXEmmyXxi - BOD
@nijamaster05 - BOD
@FreeSpot - UI
@FreeSpot - Scripting

There is no current game public that I have worked hard on rn.

About The Job

We are looking for a scripter and GFX designer (builder is covered).


We cannot promise a consistent pay but you will get 40% of all funds made.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Ulxqra
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Extra info

If you are willing to retire/leave please message me before doing so.
If you would like to applicate, please send me a message on dev forum or reply to this thread.
Thanks for reading! :smile:


Backup payment if the game dosen’t make revenue?

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Yep, I am currently saving for about 200-400 so if we don’t get much funds I can just give that.
Edit: I might just pay like this:
for gfx I might pay 100/thumbnail for instance.

also, what do you want your pay to be?

Rather discuss that fully in DMS, if you want.

Im still hiring!!!

Hello I am interested here I leave you my portfolio if you are interested Lasdark17 | Artist ,logo designer, 2D,designer miniatures GFX| Portfolios

Hi i want to know what the scripter have to do

Well its long term so like anything we are currently working on.

Hi, im interested u can check my portfolio here GFX Artist For Hire - FireAtacck [OPEN] discord: FireAtacck#7601

Hello! I already have a GFX designer, but can I say, your work is fantastic! :clap:

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Hello! Im Arame123, a professional GFX creator specializing in creating Game Icons, Thumbnails, Ads, Logo’s, and GUIs ! I have cheap prices depending on the job. If you want me to create a game icon, thumbnail, ad, and/or GUI with a specific character, pet, object, or background then you can send me a screenshot of the things you want in the GFX and I will put it in there.

If you want an example: You send me a screenshot of an in-game pet, and a background of the in-game lobby, and I make it into a Thumbnail, Game Icon etc. If you just want a generic GFX then I will make it, however it may seem like ‘Click Bait’ because that is not in the game. But I will still stick to a theme, like if you are making a gun game then I will make a GFX related to Guns and Fighting. Anyway I can also make GUI’s (In-game buttons and frames) for your needs.
I have 4 years of experience using photoshop.

My prices vary on what you want:
A white background and a character will cost less than two characters fighting in a forest with special effects. However my prices are cheap.
If you want to hire me you can contact me on discord, Twitter, Instagram, or right here on the developer forum!

Discord Tag: Arame123#2116
Twitter: Arame62219844
Instagram: Design_Arame

Hi, I’m interested! You can find my portfolio at https://www.deviantart.com/slaphappy104 ! I look forward to hearing from you!

Sorry, I am afraid that I already have a GFX designer.

Sorry! I already have a GFX designer.

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