Hiring Graphics Artists (1), Programmers (1-2), Animators (1-3), Builders (1-2), UI Designer (1)

Hiring Graphics Artists (1), Programmers (1-2), Animators (1-3), Builders (1-2), UI Designer (1)

Creator: @SteaminPunk
Programmer 1: @minkmink
Programmer 2 (Maybe): N/A
Builder 1/ Animator 1: @TheDreamDealer
Builder 2 (Maybe): N/A
Animator 2: N/A
Animator 3 (Maybe): N/A
UI Designer: @Amatzukaze
Graphics Artist: @SIinkies
Video Effects Specialist:
*N/A = Open position

About The Job

If you are interested, you must have a good variety of skill styles. The theme will mainly relate to the city. Specifically dance clubs and production studios/stages.

Here are some of the jobs each role will be doing:

  • Graphics Artists: Creating group, and game logos

  • Programmers: Working with the builders to create moving DJ lights/Spot lights, as well as working with the Animators, and UI Designer in creating dance GUIs. The Programmers will also be doing other smaller things.

  • Animators: Primarily making dance moves, walking, ect.

  • Builders: Primarily working on the map itself and creating the buildings, ect.

  • UI Designer: Creating the screen GUIs that will allow players to select dance moves, game passes, ect.


*These images are merely examples of what I am looking for. The real maps will be much larger. As well as more detailed/appealing.


Payment will be decided later on after I talk to you and about how much you will be doing. Can be anywhere from 1k to 30k. Other payment methods can also be discussed.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: SteaminPunk#4737

You must be 13 years or older to apply.


Due to a recent genre change, this post will be remade shortly.
Please look at this updated forum post for available jobs: CLOSED Looking for Developers, Artists, Animators, Ect


Can you give any information. On what each role will be doing!

Thanks for the feedback. I just added that information.

this may be the job of my life I like the offer

looks like a great project :smile:

I’m interested in the job, and I’ve sent a discord friend request to you.

Alright! Sounds good. I accepted it.

Contacted. My discord is: EggService#8333

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