[Hiring!] GuitArc Studios needs a scripter for upcoming story game [Hawaii Story!]

About The Job

Hello! We are GuitArc Studios. We are hiring a professional scripter that can handle doing with professional scripts. Before you join, we will need you to sign a contract stating that you will work professionally.

About The Game

The game is of course, a story concept called “Hawaii!” Inspired by a game called “Vacation” developed by Parwaz Studios.We are about 4/10 done with the game. Also, we expect the game to be about 35 - 45 minutes long.

Game Summary: You are on a trip to Hawaii with 16 other random people. Your trip leader guides you through the trip as you get to see Mount Kea. everyone is scared thinking it will erupt, thankfully your trip leader tells you it is dormant. Along the trip you are destined to make friends, and explore with them, But while you’re exploring, something mysterious happens that has something to do with the volcano. Can you find out what it is? Or die trying.


The Rquirements are:

Being 13 years old or older

You HAVE to make sure you are 13 years old or older or else you cannot sign the contract and you cannot get paid.

Having at least 2 1/2 years of experience

We take this very seriously as we have had some problems with people not being very professional therefore not being able to do requested scripts.

Being trusted

This goes along with the contract stating that you cannot delete models or add viruses, but just to make it more clear we do not take non trusted people with bad reputations.

Being able to show portfolios/work

We will need you to show past work or portfolios before we can let you in. This is only to show your progress, how far you have come, and of course; proof of you being an actual scripter.

Being able to work at least 4 days a week

You HAVE to be able to keep up with your progress, so that means working at least 4 days a week; This includes weekends. The smaller amount of time you put into scripting, the smaller payment of robux you get. Robux is what leads us into the next section: Payment!

Payment (In robux)

The payment is about 1k to 8k robux depending on how much effort you put into working. If you want to do a different payment style you and the owner can negotiate on discord.


You can contact me here on the developer forums, or contact me on discord, however I would rather you contact the owner on discord because I am simply only a manager/administrator.

Discord (mine): Seth#9266
Discord: (owners): OpposedArc#9382

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What kinds of scripts do you need the scripter to make?

Teleport Scripts, (Timer and How many Players in the vehicle shown and should be teleported to specific seats) NPC messages pop-ups, Random players messages for the story too, Pathfinding, Mid-tier scripting knowledge, transitions scenes in between (black screen pops up), challenges where players have to do tasks in a certain time.

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