[Hiring] Hiring a gun scripter

About Us

Hello! I’m plantenpot, creator of Gun Choas! Probably no one heard of Gun Chaos before, but that’s because it isn’t open for public yet :slight_smile: Let me give you some more information about the game. So back in 2017, I decided to create an FPS game with minimal scripting skills. Of course, this didn’t work out especially when Roblox received the update that FilteringEnabled couldn’t be turned off. Now, in 2020, I decided to remake that whole project almost from scratch. I deleted all the scripts and GUI and I am currently working to remake everything. The game isn’t near finished, but it is almost playable. I am currently searching for testers and gun scripters that can help me make this a great game. Below this message are some .gif files to show you some of what has been finished already.

The Team
@plantenpot - Scripter, GUI, Builder
@You - Scripter, ?

Some Gifs about the game:

About The Job

I am looking for someone that can script the guns shown in the Gifs. I except the guns scripted withing 4 weeks. I will do a weekly progress check.


I am paying $30+ via Paypal after the job is finished within the deadline.

Contact Me

You can contact me on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Plantenpot.#3377

I hope to hear soon from you!

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