[HIRING] Hiring an experienced scripter

[Hiring an experienced scripter]

The Team
@HIRING - Scripter
Builders, modelers are already hired.

About the job
Capitalist studio is looking for an experienced scripter(Long term)
The map is going to be a warfare game which describes battle between ideologies.
Scripter is going to add scripts including money system, team changing script etc.

You will receive a monthly robux.
Price will be estimated through discord.

Contact us
Friend English_Capitalist#6261.

Thank you very much

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You might want to give some pictures of your game to let scripters know that they’re working for a high quality game. In addition, you should link and describe some statistics about your game, and include exact prices. Good luck with finding a scripter. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! I should add some details

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