[Hiring!] Hiring Builders and UI's Designers!

About Us

Hello, it’s me again but with a new opportunity for the devs that are really interested on make a collaboration or even make their first awesome game! [Every game is awesome and it doesn’t need to be developed by TOP developers to be famous!]

Well, we are a Studio that want to offer great experiences to the Player when they’re playing our games and want to be respectuful to the Roblox Platform Terms of Use. We are currently developing some good ideas.

  • Battle Quest: This is a MMORPG game! Where you will be avaible to do even Parkour like in Assasin’s Creed! This game is under develpment by our great Development Staff!

  • Open Breakout: This game is a prision category one, like Jailbreak but even more interactve with the player! With a gameplay more based on keep the player playing it even when the game is gonna die.

Right now we are hiring builders and UI’s designer! We prefer to have only one person that can fill out both specialities on the development! But we can always have 2 awesome developers that are great in their job.

The Team

@CraftThatNow - Project Lead / Programmer
@AllGoodNamesRGone243 - Lead Programmer / Project Manager
@EquasionDeveloper - Project Manager / Animator
@vacant - Builder / Enviroment Designer
@vacant - UI’s Designer

Since I don’t have permission to reveal the progress or publish any pictures of the game, I’ll only say this… Our game have an awesome Development Team that work all the days to make a experience that you won’t forget!

About The Job

We are looking for maturity aswell, someone that can manage a lot of pressure (you won’t have pressure and someone rushing your job, we want quality and we won’t change it for time!) and can manage with the deadlines that the Studio have to each asset!

  • Builder: If you get choosed for the Builder position you will be making the whole map for this awesome game! You will be working with another awesome people that will help you if you need any help. If you don’t feel comfortable on our work enviroment, you can always speak loud and we will hear you! We want you in our Development Team as a long-term Builder!

  • UI’s Designer: If you get choosed for the UI’s Designer position you will be doing only the UI’s, what I mean by this? Well, you will only make the things that the player will interact with, like ‘Press E to open!’, that stuff. You will be doing the design for the logo and maybe you will get a extra payment for that! (Is not that safe that you will get it at the moment, but you will have your regreat!)


Our preferred payment-method is always Robux! We hope that in the future we can give up-payment in USD without get scammed and we can get a better relationship as partners or work-mates!

  • Project Leader: 20% (CraftThatNow)
  • Project Manager: 20% (Equasion Developer)
  • Lead Programmer / Project Manager: 15% (AllGoodNamesRGone243)
  • Builder: 10% (vacant)
  • UI’s Designer: 5 - 10% (vacant)

The rest will go to ads and to the investors that are promoting this awesome project!

Contact Us

You can contact me via DevForum or in Discord, you can always contact the Project Leader if you feel more comfortable!

AllGoodNamesRGone243 Discord: @allgood.#7032
CraftThatNow Discord: @CraftThatNow#4894

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and we are waiting you on our Development Team as our new Builder or UI’s Designer! Don’t forget to enjoy what are you doing and enjoy what you do with us, because you’re not working for us, you’re working with us! And we want you to feel like that!

Have a great day. - allgood. (Lead Programmer / Project Manager)

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Hello! I am interested in helping in the building of the game. I have a few questions regarding the building.
1st. Is it going to be low poly or regular?
2nd. What is the 10% payment out of?
I would love to build on your amazing team, but I am a little inexperienced. On the bright side I am really good at promoting stuff and you will only have to pay me 1 or 2% of the earnings for ads!
Please take this into consideration when you start hiring people!

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Hello! We can discuss more about the payment method on the DM’s on Discord!

About the style of our building, it will be Low-Poly, since we don’t really need realism with the cars or the buildings. You can always contact me on my Discord or Twitter via if you prefer it!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ademir_barajas
Discord username: @allgood.#7032

Thanks for being interested on our project, if you get choosed for the job you will get task with deadlines! Thanks for being patient while we contact you.

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Hello, before I start my reply I just wanted to bring up that you are not allowed to make posts for non-developer Forum members except in the #bulletin-board.

Roles of the team

Project Leader & Project Manager
I think that the owner of the studio and group should be the project manager and the project leader combined, as paying someone for leading your project seems like a waste of revenue.

UI Designers

Regarding UI designers; I feel that you should not hire a full-time UI designer. Instead, I would just commission someone to make the UI’s after you have a list of all GUI’s you will need.

I also think that paying a person that could be commissioned a % of the group’s earnings is not fair to the other roles as they do far much more work than a UI design, not to say UI designers are not hard working.


Scripters and Builders should be receiving a fair amount of the funds since they make the games that make you money.

Scripters should be receiving about 30-35% of the funds. Builders should be receiving about 25-30% of the funds. While you could set a smaller % for the owner than the rest for investors or ads.

Good luck,


10% for a builder? that is way too low since they will be the ones creating the entire map.

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I would like to be a UI designer. Though I don’t want a percentage, can you just pay me in robux per asset?


Could I apply for UI Designer, I have Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 and Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Past Work

UI Imported Into Studio

Organized in PhotoShop

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10

My Prices are fairly Cheap and I work on a schedule.
Feel Free to contact me.


Thanks for all your replies but since I got fired (Well, I get out) I’m not anymore a member, I don’t want you to feel like rejected, but since I don’t really open the DevForum only for get some answers and look on the collaborations (and updates) I just saw this 5d or 3d after you post it.

Thanks anyway to replying to my post! If anytime you want my services as a programmer (Core Gameplay Programmer) you can contact me always you need me! :smiley:

Contact Via

DIscord: @allgood.#7032
Roblox Messages: AllGoodNamesRGone243 (NOT recommended)

And obviously you can contact me here via DevForum!

Thanks for reading.

Pings: @SawcyDeveloper, @Bloxrrey, @CRISPEY1, @desinied!


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