[HIRING] Hiring car developers and A-Chassis scripter

About Us

Hello! We are a group of developers making a city/county roleplay map, and we are spending a lot of time on it now.

About The Job

We are a team of builders looking for a car developer, one that can build a car and hopefully as well someone who can script A-Chassis for the car. The car will be mesh, or CSG depending on how well it’s modeled.


See below for car expectations

(Greenville cars)


You must DM me with past work and why you want the job.


Payment is not upfront, it will be given out at the end of each car. It is negotiable but has I pay 3-10 USD on each car depending on the quality. A-Chassis scripter will pay 10-20 USD, depending on the quality as well.


You can contact me on discord, my username is techy#5106

Thank you!

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