[HIRING] Hiring Lead Programmer

The Electric State: Pacifica - Scripting Partner

The Electric State 2: Pacifica team is looking for talented scripters to help us take our ambitious survival game to the next level. This position is being offered 18+ remotely.

About Us

We are a small development team working on a highly anticipated game, as we making progress during the development of the game, we are currently looking to expand our team. As a programmer, you will help deliver new and exciting game play to a dedicated and invested player base. The game is based on a book written by Swedish Author Simon Stålenhag, a dystopian society taking place in 90s California. We hope to find candidates who are motivated to bring new ideas to the table and are invested in making the game better overall.

@p_yth - Team Lead
Empty - Programmer
@DreadNautical Map Maker
@Heatian123 Prop Maker
@ScytheSlayin Animator
@ScholarOfZoghoLargo - Additional Prop Maker
@Sensei_Developer - UI Desginer

The Job

We’re looking for a programmer to join our team and help us continue growing development for our game. This job is fully remote and you are able to work from anywhere.

Pay: 750$ or $50-$150 per asset, + 40% of total game revenue


  • Plan and implement gameplay code
  • Fix bugs and make improvements to existing code
  • Communicate with other programmers and developers on the team


  • Highly experienced with LUA, Roblox Studio, and Roblox API
  • Familiar with Object-Oriented Programming
  • Great communication and teamwork skills

We’re looking for someone who is…

  • Accountable, responsible, and a sharp-minded individual
  • Really passionate about game development
  • Willing to share their own creative ideas
  • Able to learn and adjust to new workflows and methods
  • Able to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the process

How To Apply
Make sure to send:

  • A resume/portfolio of your experience
  • Examples of code that you wrote
  • Any previous games you’ve worked on before
  • Anything else that you’re proud of and think would impress us!

Contact Us

You can contact me by either replying here, on discord (preferred) via pyth#6737 or via Twitter at @pythrbx

Thanks for reading!

We look forward to hearing from you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Our teams also really chill, were not that uptight.


Just to clarify, this post: [HIRING ($750 USD & 40% Rev.)] Lead Scripter needed for Project Pacifica! is the same job as this post, right?

That’s correct, just a more spiffy looking and up to date version of it.

Just an FYI - examples of your code will be shown to people from HD without your consent.

If I knew this I would not of applied.


You consented for your code to be reviewed by fellow programmers.

Most developers are going to be under the assumption that just you and the people currently in the team will be viewing the code. You do not say that you’ll be showing it to random users from HD in a HD voice chat.

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