[HIRING] I am looking for experienced developers for a game project!

Hello Roblox Developers,

I am here to reach out to the community because I need help on making a game! I also know that there are some amazing creators on roblox actually a lot! Anyways here are the detals.

The game/job

This game is going to be a SCP Roleplay for the community! The name of the project is [SCP] Site-65 Roleplay! The community will have a choise of being a certain team (Example: Security Dept) and the map is planned to be a decient size and if it gains popularity I will plan to make another site with a team of developers again and will be twice the size of the other site. There will be gamepasses for higher base access cards like Level-5 or even Omni as well as certain teams to unlock. The site will also have certain rooms like interrogation and a control room for players that have a level-5 card or higher. There will also be an admin control room for Staff only that triggers fun events for players to take part of!

This game was inspired by Silou34 who is known for making amazing scp roleplay games that engage players into roleplaying and feeling like they are in the game scp.

Benifits from becomeing a Developer

The Benifits of becoming a developer is you get Admin in-game for free, you get Paid, you get a Discord Rank for free, You can give the community updates on the game, and you get a developer role in the roblox group!


  • Experience devolping a game.

  • Communicative.

  • Fast worker.

  • Meets required deadlines.

  • Independent.

  • Takes pride in work.

  • Must be 13 years or older.

  • In the Roblox Group and Discord

  • Able to attend manditory meetings.

  • Send updates to me on progress.

  • Has a mic on Discord. (if not we can figure a way to work it out)

  • Able to communicate with other developers. (Note: I am going to try to get a minimum of 5 Devolpers and a max of 10)

  • Has a example of something you have developed.


Payment will vary on the profit made from the game! Payment is a Commitment that I will make happen and make sure everyone gets their fair share.

Payment Metods

Here are the current payment methods:

Robux (Read this if you prefer it!)

Robux will be distubited to Developers that want to do the Robux method. (Note: you HAVE to be in the group to recieve robux payments!

Paypal (Read this if you prefer it!)

Paypal will be payed towards developers that want to do this payment method. (Note: Due to the spread of Covid-19 and unemployment this method at the moment is not being accecped but will be soon hopefully!


If you put ANY type of harmful virus or exploit into the game you will be immedately removed from the game and developement team as well as loss in payment and will be reported to roblox. Cheating and exploiting is not permitted on Roblox! Developers if you see anything that a developer shouldnt be doing make sure you report it to me!

Contact Info

If you are interested please DM me on discord @gavynandrew#1733 or on Roblox Devforum with a brief description about you and why you should be accepted. you can also post it on this topic if you’d prefer!

Thats all that I have and I will see you soon!




Hey There Im Interesed In The Builder Job Its Still Open?
If you need Sure


What does covid-19 has to do with the paypal payment…?


People are low on cash and can’t really pay people out due to people losing there jobs and all.

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@cabo1987 Yes the bulder job is open! Just a heads up I plan on having 5 - 10 Developers in this game hopefullyand I will have centain areas for the team to work on. Anyways yes it is open the only role that is not open is Co-Creator which is currently tails1616 . But thank you for the reply and be sure to show me an example of a project you created on my discord (gavynandrew#1733) or on here!

Thanks again,


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He wouldn’t be posting a roblox developer forum post maybe?

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Are you looking for a composer?

Discord: DevNetCheese#2833

I Send you a Friend request on Discord

The project has been moved and canceled but thank you all for the support!

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