[HIRING] Interior builder/3d modeler needed! Norwegian Resort's is hiring!

About Us

Hey all! Norwegian Resort is a resort group that has nearly 10,000 members on the ROBLOX platform.
We’re on Hiatus due to development of V2 of our resort and we need a single builder/modeler for just the interior!

The Team
@Miss_Pyro - Builder #1
@CouldBeYou - Builder #2

About The Job

Hey, we are looking for a dedicated and experienced interior builder and designer who is capable of modeling small stuff like food and pillows and decor and whatever else is needed. We already basically have the entire exterior made and ready, we just need someone who’s capable of building on the inside of each individual building, totals about 5 - 6 buildings with varying sizes. We need dedication we’re not looking to buy pre-made assets. There will be a deadline but the stuff you have to do are not much, you can finish within 2 - 3 weeks if working efficiently on the game. You will not need to do anything else besides interiors and most of the building will be copy and paste jobs since this is a resort. Most of the buildings aren’t that big to where it’ll take a ton of time! You will have creative freedom but there will be reference images given to get your brain flowing. Every layout is already made so all you have to do is make stuff and place stuff :wink:

Our building style is low poly and we’re doing a tropical themed resort, if your interior designing and building can compliment our main builders style then thats a +! Versatility is great.


We are paying 10,000 ROBUX for just an interior builder.
The payment method will be via group funds and will be given after everything is finished to ensure completion.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord: barry44177#7869 come with a PORTFOLIO or images of your work that matches what the listing says, do not ask “are you hiring… etc etc” that’ll really make me want to ignore. If you have confidence in your building contact me.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’re chosen.

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