[HIRING] Investor

Hello, I am Puff_NoobTV and am looking for an investor for my futuristic FPS game where you are a Space Ranger fighting against the Universal Assassins, ask me if you need more info.

1. About me:

  • What Is Your Roblox Username? Puff_NoobTV

  • How Much Years Of Experience Do You Have? 3 Years of building, 2 years of GFX design, 2 years of editing and 4 years of creating content on youtube

  • What Timezone Are You In? GMT / BST

  • What Is Some Of Your Previous Work? Check my roblox profile

  • What Is Your Discord Name/Tag? I CHANGE IT OFTEN

  • What Skills Do You Have? Builder, Tester, GFX Designer and Editor

2. What you will get out of this:

  • A special label over your head
  • A percentage of the games earnings (IF YOU CHOOSE)
  • Paid back 25% more than what you invested
  • Any other suggestions of things you should get

Investment Needed: 50k+
Feel free to message me if you are interested

I think it is against the rules to ask for an investor now

Indeed it is.


where can i find one? it’s pretty hard getting robux for games