Hiring logo designer [10k R$]


About us

Hi there, we are Table Flip Studios, The developers behind titles such as submerged and deserted. Our accumulated place visits exceed 15,000,000 and our games have been enjoyed by many influencers with an accumulatively 40,000,000 subscribers.

The team

At Table flip studios we pride ourselves on hiring talented artists and developers from the roblox community to work with us on our projects, we enjoy working with people again if we are impressed with their work!

Main developers

@MooseWasThere - Owner | Programmer
@BurgerBurner - Co-Owner | Programmer
@LuaBearyGood - Co-Owner | Programmer


@2Bvild - Contributor | Builder
@s_izzles - Contributor | Icons
@phxtn - Contributor | Builder
@mischiefing - Contributor | Characters

About the job

Currently, we are working on our next (hopefully) hit game, and in order to that we are looking for a logo artist. The style of logo is something similar to the logo of our group (above), with some vector images placed into the logo, making a unique and recognizable logo that will distinguish our game from other games.

Must Haves:

  1. Previous work/ A portfolio (Providing a portfolio gives us a much easier time!)

  2. Experience in vector art (Either knowing how to properly style royalty free vector art or making your own)

  3. Able to work quickly and reasonably.

Nice Things To Have:

  1. Testimonials on your Devforum Portfolio (Screenshots don’t count!)


Currently, the payment is 5-10k robux but is negotiable.

Contact us

You can contact us by messaging me on the developer forum, or through one of our three social links below. When contacting through discord, either leave a message in general or message any Co-Owner or Owner that is online. We strongly recommend you apply with a portfolio or an example of past work to significantly increase your chances of getting a response.

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