Hiring Long Term Clothing Designer | Crystal Lining

Hey there! I’m @xgnir. I recently created a clothing group called Crystal Lining. I am looking to hire a long term clothing designer for the group.

About The Job

You’ll work as a designer for my group and put out 1-2 items of clothing or more per week. Some of the clothing you may be asked to design include hoodies, t shirts, sweaters, jeans, and much more. We design clothing for men and women so experience in making clothes for both of those categories would be helpful but isn’t required.


  • You must be completely original. Copied clothing is not allowed.

  • You have to be able to make your work detailed, for example, if you are created a hoodie add strings to it, and if you are creating jeans, add some buttons. The smallest details make a big difference. Shading is also something that should be added to all clothing you create.


Payment will be done through robux and only robux. I will pay 100 robux per clothing assets, although payment is always negotiable so if you want me to go a bit higher then that I can. I can also do percentages.


You can contact me here on the dev forum or on discord at tryiism!#3939
My preferred contact method is through discord.

Thank you so much for taking interest! :slight_smile:


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