[HIRING] Longterm UI Designer or Scripter

Hello, my name is gloows!

  • About the game

Me and my team (Slimed ) are currently working on a game called “Throwing Simulator ” which is basically a game where you throwing different things & get something called “Throws” from throwing stuff and then you can sell those Throws to coins which will make you able to buy new upgrades for example new stuff to throw, jumps (to get to new islands), ranks & faster throwing.

  • Payment

We will be paying in percentages once the game releases, so we’ll set percentages in the group funds system and all funds will be split up depending on how work you’ve put into the game.

  • The team

We are currently 8 people in the team working and the roles that are taken are:

(We currently have a UI Designer that seems to be offline all the time so that’s why were hiring a new one)

(And we’re hiring a scripter because we are in a critical situation of when it comes to scripters)

Scripters (3)
Builder (1)
Animator (1)
Graphic Designers (2)

  • What you’ll do as a UI Designer

So basically we’re going for a simulator vibe with:

  • A pet inventory
  • Egg hatching GUI (particles and shaking egg via viewport frames)
  • A gui that shows you what pets are obtainable within an egg
  • The shop
  • Robux store
  • Pet index
  • Side gui’s (coins, gems & throws on 1 side and store, pets & codes on the other side
  • Code GUI
  • GUI Tweening
  • Mute music button

(And possibly more)

  • What you’ll do as a Scripter

There isn’t much to tell here since what scripts are needed for a simulator is pretty self-explanitory

  • References for UI

The following game is Soda Simulator if you want to check it out for yourself

(This is kind of how the GUI will look like)



  • Contact

If you’re intersted then contact me on discord via gloows#5680

Also, there is no time limit so there will be no stress or anything like that.

I also wanted to point out that the building is pretty much finished so don’t worry about having to wait

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