[Hiring] Looking for a builder / scripter for theatre project


I am SOMEOFME (set, lighting, and current costume designer) and my partner is cooldoghappy2256 (project manager). We're looking for a developer for a project of ours.

Project Summary:

The game is a recreation of the 2017 Radio City Music Hall 2017 Christmas show. Originally cooldog built the theatre. He contacted me and I was hired to build the show. The theatre is mostly built, but needs to be updated with things like seating. The show has one set built currently.
Screenshot of current set progress

About The Job

We are looking for a developer of at least a medium skill-set in either building, scripting, or preferably both. We would like the building to be as accurate to the original as possible. If you have experience with costumes or have other handy skills that might be useful those are appreciated as well.

Payment and Contact

The payment for a set ranges from 150 - 250 robux (usually depends on quality of work and complexity of original design). Costumes are about 20 robux. You can contact me on Roblox by messaging me or on the Dev Forum. You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for your consideration! :grin:


Based on what you’re asking for, how much you’re paying is really low. Recommend raising your payment if you want people to consider applying


I’m not in charge. (I just do most of the work). I agree, but it’s not up to me.

Is there any way to get in touch with the owner? I would apply but the price is very low for something like that. Is you can get in touch, please send me his discord and we can maybe negotiate a price.

Couldn’t help but notice you included “scripter” but there’s nothing about scripting in “About The Job”. So what is it that you need a scripter for?

Why did you create the post then; if you are not the owner?

You’re basically asking someone to build, and script the project for such low pay, you should just say, you aren’t paying, or at least give a percentage. Hope you the best for your project.


I’d love to get hired and take on this project but there’s one thing.


It’s way too low for a project like this because costumes take a long time to create and prefferably made in Blender which is not the easiest to do.

I’m replying to everyone. Yes I agree with you. The payment sucks, but I’m not the person in-charge and so I can’t change it. As to why I made the post and not the owner, he doesn’t have an account on the forum. I’ll look into what I can do for now, so stay updated.

@SOMEOFME Thanks for replying back to me,

I would be great if you could link me the owners/the person that is in charge of the payment as we could discuss some payment.

Many thanks,

I’m currently negotiating a better suitable price. He says the costumes are supposed to be done as shirts/pants. 3D models aren’t needed.

@SOMEOFME Thanks for replying back to me,

Then if he wanted costumes they will cost 600 for a costume each for the lowest, as it takes time and people have to have PhotoShop to make them.

Many thanks,

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