[HIRING] Looking for a builder who can recreate an American Cold War era ICBM Launch Facility

About Me

Greetings, I’m BreakJointsOnDeath, a programmer who has a deep passion for 20th century military history and likes to recreate historical weapons of war in Roblox.


You’ll be expected to build the following:


The terrain will be the easiest part of this project, you’ll be expected to create a flat piece of desert with a small road leading up to the facility entrance from the game’s spawn, there will be minimal prop usage.


The interior will be the main part of this project, although you won’t be expected to use custom textures/assets/props for 100% of the build, a high degree of detail will still be required. The interior we’ll be recreating will be based off of this sketch:


The ICBM itself will be based off of LGM-30 Minuteman and can be designed in either Roblox or any 3D modelling software of your choice, whatever suits you!

Additional Details

With this project, a high degree of historical accuracy will be required, which means you will be expected to follow all of the real life sketches and pictures when detailing the build.


When the commission is completed, you will be paid between 5,000-10,000 Robux or 17 USD depending on the quality of the final product, the reason for the low amount of USD is because that is all that I have left, this option is only if you really need the USD.

Contact Us

My Discord is jack.#9999, this is the ONLY way you can contact me, please do not send me DevForum PMs about this commission

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Maybe I’m interested, will contact after I finish reading.

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Are you still looking for a builder? I adore Cold War-era technology/history.

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Yes, feel free to DM me. 30characters

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