[Hiring] Looking for a clothing designer!

Hey there! I’m going to make this short, but I’m looking for a clothing designer for my group, antsy clothing!

Antsy clothing is a fairly new group with 26 members (as of the time this was created), and we are looking for clothing designers.

Antsy clothing is a group trying to provide cute clothing, for all ages/genders.

We are looking for a clothing designer(s) with the ability to create something terrific, and it is imperative that you think outside of the box!

Here is something you might be trying to recreate when working with me: Example_For_Antsy

If you are unable to create things similar to that, I ask that you do not contact me, and I wish you best of luck!

You will be receiving 40% group revenue, and if we do not make any Robux, you will get a backup payment of 850 Robux!

If you are interested, please contact me via discord: flideyDev#1715. Whoever, if you are not able to dm me, please message me on devForum, or message me on roblox (restricted to followers)

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: || Thank you, and have a good day!


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