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Job Recruitment Template

About Us

Hi there! We are Bombast Studios, a small upcoming game development team. Our goal is to create games that players will enjoy, as well as have an amazing experience. Currently, we are looking for all positions in a development team, as we have just launched. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, perhaps look down below for information on positions, payment, and contacting!

The Team
Director - @GladiusCrank
Open - Builder
Open - Secondary Builder
Open - Scripter
Open - Secondary Scripter
Open - UI Designer
Open - Animator
Closed - GFX Artist

About The Job

As said above, we are looking for all positions for our Development team. A short explanation of the game would be, You spawin with something like a lolipop and with a backpack with a storage of 30,for example everytime you click u gain +2 candy so now you are 2/30 in the backpack,once it gets full you have to sell it inorder to gain coins,you will get gems by picking them up off the ground.You will buy different areas with cash,and buy eggs with gems,More infomation in DM’s

Basic run-down of what each jobs’ requirements, and tasks:

Builder/Secondary Builder - Must have a few years of experience. Must be experienced in low-poly building. In charge of making maps, as well as the lobby.

Scripter/Secondary Scripter - Must have a few years of experience. In charge of scripting any features that allow the game to run smoothly.

UI Designer - Must have at least a year of experience. In charge of creating user interfaces that are easy to understand, and have a clean appearance.

Animator - Must have at least a year of experience. In charge of mainly animating Pets,clicking, as well as anything else that would require animation, except for UI animation.

GFX Artist- Must have at least a year of experience. In charge of creating images for game icons, as well as thumbnails.

It is expected that you will put at least one hour of work into this every day. Breaks will be allowed if reasonable upon request.


Payment will all be in % unless the game ends up in failure.
To discuss the % please DM me in discord.

Contact Us


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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