{HIRING} Looking for a good modeler

  • -About us
    I am a game developer looking for a good modeler to model for my game, It’s gonna be a clicking game and It will have a lot of promise so I need a top notch modeler

  • -Payment
    U will receive 20% of the game and after I see that u are promising I will pay you 5k robux in the middle of the project, we will also run 10k in ad’s so dont worry about payment.

  • -Requirements
    It would be prefered if u had about a 1 year experience (u dont have to but it would be the best if u did) and if u showed me some past work and ur portfolio

  • -Contact
    Contact me on discord


Hello, I am interested. I sent you a friend request on discord (@Kyo#0202)

Hi, I’m interested I sent you a friend request this is my tag so that you may know.

I might be good for this here is my portfolio [Portfolio] Builder/modeler For HIRE