[HIRING] Looking for a Scripter for an Lazer tag type game

About Us

Hello there! I am DogeExploder I am developing a game with 2 other developers with 1 being a scripter and 1 being a build I am also a builder. So right now the scripter is a bit busy so If anyone is up to scripting that would be much appreciated

The Team
@DogeExploder - Builder
@ Marino_Dev - Scripter
@ QatariAviator - Builder

Right now we have only a deploy system and a half scripted gun system, All the GUIs are all ready for scripting we are still waiting for the gun system.

About The Job

This Scripter that we will hire will need to script around 6-8 GUIs for an example of the many thing they will do: Shop system, timer system, Round system, Stats system And more.

Our game needs at least all the scripting completed by the end of March.


If you were to become a scripter all 4 developer’s (Including me) Will get 25% each of the funds we make. (All Developer’s get the same payment I might increase the scripter payment)

Contact Us

You can contact DogeExploder (Me) through discord “A FLEX TAPE | DogeExploder#7053” Or though this topic!

Thank you, We hope to see you join in!

Hey not to be rude, but I am pretty sure most scripters for hire would like at least some payment to begin with, as projects can often flop and produce no revenue. Especially after working on something extensively for over 2 months.

What I’m trying to say is there should be guaranteed pay involved on top of the 25%.

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Thank you for the feedback I will make sure to fix it.

How much robux do you have to fund ads for the project.

3-4k Robux Should be running ads when the game comes out.

Just saying but spending any less than 10k is basically throwing your money away.

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