[HIRING] Looking for an individual to animate and code a 19th century musket

The Project
The goal for the musket is to serve as the tech that the 19th century community uses within the ROBLOX community. The musket will be a sophisticated piece of tech that will need to be used for multiple purposes. Combat with the musket is meant to take a level of skill in calculating and knowing the bullet travel time, as well as bullet drop. The musket will need to have multiple different arms positions that will need to be animated, as well as a melee system and a firing mechanism/reload animation including the ramming rod and the lock of the gun. The current musket is outdated, laggy and exploitable.

What We’re Looking For
What we’re looking for is a new musket that enables mass raids consisting of up to 100+ players without causing significant lag, a not easily exploitable musket, and an appealing weapon to use. A model will be provided that has all the necessary parts and components to it.

Payment and Contact Info
We’re willing to pay around $200, however, Price is negotiable and payment will be given in USD through paypal after completion of the job.
If you’re interested in this project please contact Nordic#1769 via Discord.
Thank you

The following gifs will provide examples of what we’re looking for


How much? You say USD, but how much in USD? As someone whose gonna start accepting USD soon, I need to know this

He said $200

30 charsssssssssssssssssssss

I see that now

30 charisstupid

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A developer for the project has been found.

If you need any help, you can always contact me. I specialize in Napoleonic warfare!


Thank you very much for your offer sir.

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