[HIRING] Looking for clothing designers. (paying 300+ per set)

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About Us

Hello. My name is Sanders and I run a clothing group, Finer Thread. I’m a part time clothing designer and part time trader. I’ve always wanted to start up my own clothing group and I’ve finally had the time to do it! I plan on having front page clothing, (popular sets will receive % of the robux made for it). With this said, we need clothing assets targeted to new Roblox players and younger people do to those types of people being most likely to go to the catalog to find outfits. I’m very excited to see how this project will go and I hope you’re interested in being apart of it!

You can see our group so far here:
NOTE: I’ll have someone design a new thumbnail and post a ton of advertisements until I feel like we have a good amount of halloween/casual clothing sets.

About The Job

(there’s not a maximum to how many designers i’m hiring)
1. 2 Clothing Sets AT LEAST for every week. If you cannot meet this requirement you’ll be removed from the team- (THERE’S NO MAX OF HOW MANY SETS OF CLOTHING YOU CAN MAKE)

2. No stealing clothes! If someone were to be caught stealing from another group, they will be quickly kicked from the group.

3. No toxicity/unnecessary drama.

4. Try your best! Just because you finish a set of clothing doesn’t mean that it’ll be approved. The more work you put in will increase your chance of having your design accepted!

I hope that you enjoy designing here as my intentions are to make this a fun environment! Every set you complete is 300 robux, (just fyi, recoloring a template won’t count as a full set, we need each set to be different). If you were unaware of this, you have to be in a group for 2 weeks to be paid out so you have the decision of getting paid through shirts (although I will not cover tax) or you can wait 2 weeks and I’ll pay you out completely. Like I said, this is only temporary until you’re capable of getting group funds. I expect for anyone interested in applying to have a good amount of examples and also some past experience. This will increase your chances of being accepted. ALSO: please dm me if you have any questions about anything!


We are paying 300 R$ MINIMUM per asset (price will most likely go up as we go on!) You will have the choice of either waiting 2 weeks or being paid through t-shirts since you need to be in a group for 2 weeks to receive funds.

Contact Us

You can contact me through discord!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Enjoy your day. B)


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