[HIRING] Looking for high detailed military style builder

About This Project
I’m Aaron, I own a British Army military roleplay community with over 450,000 members, and I’m looking for a military map head builder with both exterior and interior design skills.

We don’t want the map too big, but not too small. It’s a medium-sized military map.


The map will consist of; gate, outside area/few civilian buildings such as a small cafe, store, etc., primary building with offices, uniforms, meeting rooms, classrooms, warehouses, obbies, a few regiment buildings for military police, etc., small airfield.

Basically, all the basics in a military map.

The Team
@Shayan7863 - Head Scripter
@NexonRFV - Assistant Scripter
@cqRoy - Vehicle / Anti-Exploit Scripter
@HmmBilly - Bot Programmer
@ReaperMarkoo - Terrain Artist
@uD0ge - Assistant Builder
@cryozd - Primary GFX Designer
@ArchadianDevil - Former Ui Designer

Here’s our current game: [🔥FLAMINGO🦩] Sandhurst Military Academy - Roblox

I am starting at 85k Robux / 300 USD for the medium-sized map.



  • Experienced
  • Great portfolio
  • Interior & exterior design experience
  • High detailed builder
  • Creativity

Contact me:
Please respond to this post, private message me on here/roblox, pm me on Twitter @ReaperAaronRblx


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