[Hiring] Looking for professional Dev's to make a game similar to criminality

About The Job

Hey, I’m looking for some professional Developers to make a game that is similar to the game Criminallity u need to be really experienced because the game needs to be really detailed and u need to provide ur portfolio to show me some of ur work.

the Modelers should be able to Model guns, all different types of builds, and a few other things.
the scripters should be able to script all the guns, starter Uis, animations, cash system , a building that u can rob.
the Animator should be able to animate guns, different melee weapons, and NPC animations

The Team
@username - 1-2 Modeler
@username - 1-2 Scripter
@username - 1-2 Animator

Example of our game's build style

we are wanting the game to be finished in around a few months and need the devs to try to work on the game every day


We have a budget of around 200k each dev will be paid out of that 200k depending on how much work the dev has done and how good their work is

Contact Us

you can contact on discord at Flamezy_Dev 0402
please don’t contact me if u think ur not able to do this job

Thanks for reading and have a good day! :+1:

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