[HIRING] Looking for some to bug fix a script

About me:

Hi! I own a theme park ‘Movie Land Theme Park’ on ROBLOX. We’re currently at 5 million visits and update daily!

About the task:

We have an automated line system in-game which is meant to line players up in a line and teleport them one-by-one after the timer is up into the ride and then teleport them OUT of the area before the next player enters. Although, we’re having issues with the system not teleporting players at all or in extreme cases breaking completely. We’re looking for someone to eliminate all issues within the scripts so they work reliably 24/7.

The system in action can be found attached:


I’ll be paying 5k+ group funds for someone who can eliminate all issues from the scripts and ensure it runs reliably.

How to contact me?

Discord - alex!#0765


Commission completed, found somebody to complete the taks.

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