(Hiring) Looking for someone to create a Tower Defense Simulator elevator

Hi! I am looking for someone to create a Tower Defense Simulator elevator. I am making a racing game that is kind of like Mariokart called Bloxy Kart.

About The Job

We need an expert scripter to make an elevator for my game. Will be paid right after.


Before we get started, we will negotiate a price for right after payment. You might need to wait for 6/20/2020 if we discuss a high price that I can’t pay right away.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Roblox Messages @WEcompany

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Just a part that goes up and down?

No, like a Tower Defense Simulator elevator that waits for players to enter and requires 2 players or more, and can only let 8 players in, and teleports players in the elevator to a specific place, and an elevator with a time of 30 seconds that starts when 2 people go in the elevator.


What are the payment options? Robux, Paypal, etc? And do you have discord to discuss further?


Robux. Yes I do have Discord. Sn0w Yeti#7581

I would like to apply! Portfolio: [OPEN FOR HIRE] IAmPinleon // Scripter, Builder, and more!

I looked at your portfolio and it says that you take percentages for long term jobs. Do you want to work on the game with us? I will be willing to hire you for long term. If you just want to do short term, i’m ok with that.

Hi! if you’re still looking for someone I can do it pretty quickly. I sent you a friend request on discord.

If needed, we will consider you next. I already hired someone.

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