[HIRING] Looking to Hire a Scripter

Lonely Star is looking to hire a scripter and composer for a Post-Apocalyptic Dungeon Crawler.

(Currently Under Development)

Requirements For Scripter

  • Must be 13 years of age or older
  • Must have a good understanding of lua
  • At least one year experience in your field
  • Must have a paypal (for payment)
  • Portfolio of past works or some sort of credibility
  • A basic understanding of RPGs
  • Must be able to work from under a deadline
  • Must have a good understanding of complex mechanics (Unique weapon skills, stats, summons, etc etc. If you do not know anything about this please do not bother, I have had too many people not know anything about this.)

About The Job (Scripter)

I need someone who can code a majority of the game’s mechanics and features. Deadlines will be set but are extremely flexible. I will also need to be able to edit the code, so someone who is organized is preferred. I will give a set amount of scripts that needs to be completed by the end of a certain deadline. If revisions are required, they should be done as soon as possible.

Payment (Scripter)

Payment will be negotiated when considered, but can be up to $100-$500 USD+ per request or more and 30%+ of all game revenue.
I am not going to pay 100 dollars for a simple sprinting script, so please do not expect that!




Hello so I could do this for you the only problem is I have no work I can show you. I also am completely happy to just get the payment at the end due to me not having any past work right now to show you.

Add me on discord and we can discuss further

Still looking, make sure to read the requirements and payment info!

A post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler named Mirage… is this by any chance based off After The Flash: Mirage?

Okay, I want to participate. I took a 4 year course and I specialize in programming regular itineraries, locations and functions and among many, so I try to be part of a team that is honest and responsible for the work provided, so if you want me on your team add me in discord I will reply as soon as possible. Discord: devforum.roblox.com/SnowLeaf_YT#2309

About my draft done in less than 5 hours, but I didn’t do it in just one day:

I can present a game I’m doing, I’m working on the dressing room part, I’ve already added a camera and the user interface sounds, so this game was just a draft that I made and it contains a loading screen, this is totally necessary to avoid crashes in the your game and, I did the menu part but, not be ready. I have 2 videos showing more about him. I’m sure you will ask for a draft of mine, so this draft is formed by: Interface users, regular scripts and both local, camera manipulation and user interface sounds. The dressing room is for customizing your character, within the game.

About me:

I am responsible for the work provided. I am 13 years old I am a programmer specializing in both advanced and basic programming. I am Brazilian and I respect the community. I work using (Dev Hub), only when it is necessary or, when I really need to know something that I forget, therefore, I know 8/10 of advanced programming and 10/10 of basic programming such as functions, local script, organized use of scripts.

Nowhere near, not even similar

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