[HIRING (%)] Looking to put together a dev team to create a tycoon/adventure game

About Us & The Game

Greetings, as the title states, the game will be a tycoon/adventure mix. This would be created in a small group called, Retro Enterprises. I aim to simply create a fun and interesting game for users to enjoy themselves in.
As for the game itself, it’d start off as a single-player game with the user building up their tycoon and fighting waves of zombie pirates in various types of rafts, boats, and ships they build with the materials from the tycoon. If all goes well with this, I do have plans to expand to a multi-player experience.

The Team

Builder - [Open]
Lead Scripter - @mulIets
Scripter - @RetroGaming102
UI Designer - [Open]
3D Modeler - @40vipp
GFX Artist - [Open]

About The Job

I’m looking for experienced/advanced developers with at least 1-2 years of experience. I’m looking to hire long-term for each position, the only exception might be for GFX. We’d be communicating via Discord, and possibly use Trello to keep track of development progress.

Builder - Expect to create things like islands, factory type building(s), help out creating boats and ships, and much more. All of this would be in a semi low-poly style, there is more information on what else you’ll be building once accepted onto the team.

Scripter - Expect to script the actual tycoon functionality, data stores, pathfinding NPCs, and much more. Of course, you’ll be given more information about other things you’d be doing once accepted onto the team.

UI Designer - Expect to create things like a loading screen, start menu, general gameplay UI, and more. The UI would be pirate themed, with a slight cartoony style. Like the the other positions, you’ll get more information once accepted onto the team.

GFX Artist - Expect to create group icons, game icons, game thumbnails, advertisements, and possibly other miscellaneous things. As we go along with development of the game, we’ll need these things.


Payment would be percentage (%) from group funds, may be somewhat negotiable based on the percentages listed below. If you’d like to negotiate, please friend me on Discord so we can talk.

Scripter - 25%
Builder - 15%
Modeler - 13%
UI Designer - 10%
GFX Artist - 5%

Note: Remaining percentage goes directly to the group for advertisement purposes.

Contact Me

If you are interested, contact me via Discord and let me know here.
If you have a question, reply and I’ll try my best to answer it.
Must be 13 years or older, have a portfolio, and of course, have Discord.

Discord: RetroGaming102#8737

Thanks for reading! :smile:

Seems like an interesting proposal. My only question is where is the rest of the % going?

With the above listed it comes out to a total of 68% But where is the other 32% going?

The rest would go straight to the group for advertisement purposes.


Makes sense. Might want to add that on the Payment Section to avoid confusion for people applying!

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Close - Commission My portfolio.

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