Hiring Lore/Storyline Writer (Good payment)

Cybertech studio is developing Drone Adventure, a truely rennovational game that can players a better future. As a important part of our growing studio, we need creative stories to go along the game, helping direct the path of our game, deciding the future of many players.

About Drone Adventure
Drone Adventure is based of a post aprocalypse setting. As a player, you can acquire drones, get weapons, explore extreme terrains, and complete quests and get all sorts of exciting loots!

What We are Offering
An opportunity to decide the path of the future of Drone Adventure.
A relaxe working environment with warm teammates.
A time to release your ambition and get crazy.

What do we need from you
Stay cheerful, work with the team well.
Take ownership of the game idea and lead on!
Listen to your teammates.

The Job
Lore/story writer of Drone Adventure

Prefered but not required experience with a successful game being story writter.
Highly experienced with magic of words.
Highly prefered to have examples of adventure stories .
Happy to join our team and will be energetic throughout the development
Can explain your ideas well to the team
Able to have young gamers point of view as well as the older gamers.

Payment will be composed of robux and percentage, depending on how you do. It will be 40k+ robux, percentage will be decided later on through development.

How to apply
Leave a reply here, or dm me here. Send me a message through discord too! My username is KillerPool#2815 on discord. Or you can shoot me a dm via twitter, https://twitter.com/KillerPool6.
Send a link of your profolio, a resume, and a overview talking about yourself and why you want to join Cybertech Studio.


Please follow the format, as posts like these are extremely irritating to read or understand.

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Srry about that @Benified4Life I was not finished and was still writing. Sorry about the confusion

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Can you say like an average amount of robux the person hired will be getting.

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Hm. I’m very interested. I’ll be contacting you.

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Of course I’ll give an animation

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I added it @Samchan77
30 character…

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What’s your discord? @CoolDarthVader007

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my bad forgot to add it KillerPool#2815

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Should having a mic be required? Just curious to help future applicants.

No its not required, since we barely do calles, but it depend on the developer

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