Hiring Low-Poly, Cartoon Style 3D Modeler


I am a solo-developer Lua programmer. I am in need of a 3D modeler who has proficient experience in Blender and is able to quickly and efficiently model for my current project.

This is a very serious project. So… keep in mind:

  • You must have a portfolio, or at least images of your work available. 1-2 years of Blender is required.

  • I need somebody who can communicate properly. Don’t waste my time and I definitely won’t waste yours.

  • You will be paid per each asset (1-2k, varies on complexity)

  • Once more: I am taking this seriously, and I am devoted to getting this game released. As of now I am not in need of very many models so this shouldn’t be a hard job for many. If you are a procrastinator and take a long time to model then this listing isn’t for you…

DM me on the DevForum your portfolio/image and I will get back in touch if I am interested



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