Hiring magic attacks creator for 10 attacks per month [$3500 USD/month] [OPEN]

Hi there! We are Gamer Robot, an established group that has created a few well known magic fighting games on Roblox. We are looking for an advanced scripter who is creative to produce high quality magic spell tools.


You will be expected to:

  • Create 10 magic spell attacks per month

  • Create impressive and unique magic effects for each attack

  • Make the magic attacks feel powerful to use

  • Make the attacks work with our existing frameworks

You are not expected to:

  • Do anything besides create magic attacks - As long as you create 10 approved magic attacks, you will not be required to anything else to receive your full monthly payment

  • Create your own images, sounds, models, mesh parts, or animations

  • Envision the ideas/concepts for these attacks - Instead we can give you them or you can join our discord community with over 50k members to see what ideas they are eager to pitch to you.

Heavy math skills are plus!
Check out this fan-made Youtube video of existing spell powers in one of our games, Elemental Battlegrounds.

We are offering 3,5000 USD (or the Robux equivalent) per month to someone who would join our team to make these magic spells. This payment can also be split up into milestones if you prefer to be paid after each grouping of finished spells.

Contact us with your portfolio (relevant work is most helpful) and your available work schedule at GamerRobotGroup@gmail.com Not sure if you qualify? No pressure, apply anyways!
I will close this thread when we have found someone for this position :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: Our previous hiring thread can be found here. This is a new hiring period for us and the main difference in these two posts is that we are now offering $3,500 a month for only 10 spells instead of $4,000 a month for 15.


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