Hiring Map Designers [CLOSED]

I’m only searching for those that are willing to get paid threw group funds only.

No I don’t do discords or tweets anymore cause most people just wasting my time trying to scamming me and no I’m not looking for someone to build a complete fully detailed map for me either. I’ve made all the scripts that I needed for the game so I’m not looking for any scripters too.

The problem that I’m having is that I have so much stuff that is going be in the game that I want to make but not able to come up with a design layout that won’t make the map really huge.

I’m searching for someone that could design a map layout that I can build from. The map doesn’t have to look prefect or fully detailed. All you have to do is shape a map and put bricks where the buildings , trees, and houses are located on the map.

Here’s an example that Is uncopylocked.

The job might sounds easy to do but here is a list of stuff that is going to be in game.

The game will need 100 houses for the players. The houses will be the kind that you teleport in and out of like on the games called Meepcity, Adopt me, and Overlook Bay. The house plot size is 30x25 studs or they can be smaller to make the map from getting huge.

There will be 27 buildings that will be shops, restaurants, police department, fire station, school, and other stuff. The building size can be 40x35 studs or smaller.

The game needs enough water for players to ride on boats and also an area so they can swim as mermaids.

The map has to be big enough so players can fly around on there pets, airplanes, jetpacks and helicopters.

There will be cars in the game too. The roads width don’t have to be really wide. It just needs be wide enough so the cars can fit on.

I made a script that changes the players into a pet that they own so the game needs to have an area so people can roam around as animals. Something like a little jungle or forest area. Also don’t forget that there’s going to be a horse stable, a playground area, and a campsite in the game too.

Please don’t even try to use a free model or somebody’s else’s map and claim it to be your map. Trust me, I’ll know if you did.

If you are interested you can reach me at
Roblox - James - Roblox
or post a message on here.

Why didn’t you use the post format?

Do you mean percentage or direct payment through group funds?
If it’s a direct payment, how much is it?
If it’s a percentage, how much is the percentage?

It’s direct payment. You can tell me how much it is going to be and I’ll pay you a third of it before you start making it and then pay you the rest when it’s done. Also I’ll pay extra if there need some changes. If I like the layout, I might pay you to help me make some models for me too. The max robux that I’m willing to pay is 20k if the map looks awesome and has a lot of work into it.

I’m new on here and this is my first post.

I’m interested! Though how much are we being paid?

Depends on here much work you put into it. It’s just a simple layout. Here is an example.

here is my portfolio

Nice terrains. Right now I just only need a basic layout from bricks so I’ll have a design to go by. I need someone that is very creative. If you can make the whole map out of terrain without making it huge like jailbreak or mad city then I’m willing to hire you.

ok sounds good I can make flat terrain and if you need a beach in your game I ca do that too also here is my no 1 policy if I don’t do good like if I absolutely fail you don’t have to pay me.

I look forward to working with you!!! :smile:

Yes It need beaches, also it needs some islands too. Don’t worry about how the map looks cause I can build and do terrain too. Also I sent you a friend request on roblox and closing this post.

Do you need an extra builder if your builder doesn’t do well or is away for some reason?

Sure, I just sent you a friend request on roblox. I have some friends that are helping me by testing the scripts out but they can’t build at all and tells me what all stuff should be in the game.

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