Hiring Modeler and Scripter


So, I’ve been working on a game right now but i cant find members. I need a modeler to model houses and boats for me. The game is https://www.roblox.com/games/6574670422/Center-Piece-WORK-IN-PROGRESS

If the game gets popular, I’ll give you 15% of the group funds every month until the game is completed.


I’m no scripter and I need someone to script for me. You will be tasked to do most of the game.

  1. Create a main menu, this is an example of a main menu that I want.
  2. Create an attack and health system
  3. Create animations for the attacks
  4. And many more.

If you cannot do these example tasks, then please don’t dm me


You will be rewarded 40% of the group funds. Each month until the game gets completed to it’s final update.


You can add me on discord Terminality#4710

If you are interested, please DM me as soon as possible.

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