[HIRING] Modeler

Greetings, and welcome to Twisti’s (“Where we strive our customers the best time they have”).
Our plan as a future café group is to launch around 4/15/2021, so far we have invested a decent amount into the group and are looking to spend another 100k more.

The Team
President = @Louse_55
Vice-President = @TrevorJoey
Developer = @Iggydev, @Directxdev

What are we hiring?
We are hiring a Modeler that can import through Roblox Studio with colour.

-350-500 for every model
Via Shirt

What do we need from you?
5x trees
2x chair models
3x rocks
2x grass
2x sofas
2x plants
1x milkshake machine
1x coffee machine
1x donuts diff colours
1x muffins
1x icecream machine with a cone
1x little donut logo 3d
1x umbrella

President: Direct#3348


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